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新しいブログのご紹介 突然の日本語での更新ごめんなさい。







Linux and me

Hello, friend. I love this. haha. I started to use Kali Linux and Tails. Kali is like a sword and Tails is like a shield. When I was working at a company, I was an engineer of IT. More specifically, Infrastructure engineer or server engineer. So, I used Linux and I've got a LPIC level 1. Only level 1 ahaha. Anyway, I like to use Linux. But until now I used only Red Hat or CentOS, that is a distribution of Red Hat. Maybe you know Kali and Tails from Debian. Especially, Tails is used by Edward Snowden. Wow, if you don't know anything about Linux, you've got an interest, haven't you? Tails erases all history and changes of OS every time you shutdown it. It's wonderful! Pretty awesome!! Browser which is contained in Tails is Tor browser off course. You understand what I said. Meaning of shield. On the other hand, Kali is created for penetrate test. You can use any tools associated with crack or something like that. Now I use for password crack of WPA. It's so funny…

It's been a while...

Hey guys, I'm just saying. Hey guys. No meaning, cause no one see my blog. Anyway, I quit a company 3 months ago. I couldn't do anything because of this disorder. If you are at depression, you can't do anything but sleep. If you are at High, you think you can do anything. Oops, nowadays I don't take pills and I thought my status is getting better. However things not gonna change like movies or dramas. I feel getting worse especially in this week. In a bathroom, I talk to another me in English, haha. Like Elliot from Mr. Robot. Except that I don't speak anyone, even my family.

TV shows tell "North Korea shoots missile!!" or something like that. Boring, so boring. It doesn't matter whether they shoot or not. If I die, OK, I'll accept it. After last update, I tried to kill myself several times. Only He knows when and how I die.

My mind has changed actually. Although I don't have any motivation or power, I still hate this world, society and people…